Life Shades #2

Touch of care and love,
Smoothens the day,
A heart to listen,
Resolves the complicates,
Words cycling,
Before the gestures,
Reality always far away,
Life moments rushes,
Eyes saturate slowly,
Wipes before fingers,
World differs hours,
Hours swaps days,
Days next to future.

©️Athira 2022 | All Rights Reserved

Life Shades #1

A shade of darkness befalls
Beauty of black extends
Sounds sharpens up
Red Vermilion shelter
Above the head
Matchbox resonates
A nilavilakku lightens
Inside the house
Brightens the eyes

©️Athira 2022 | All Rights Reserved

49 # Freeverse

 I'm searching my colors
I found some dull contrasts
That I usually won't prefer
This time, I took a few
Sometimes life paints
With very light colors
Force me to take
New flavours
That brighten ups
Life with new tastes
That I never seen before

©️Athira A | All Rights Reserved