Sharing My Experience

Feeling Blessed😇

I felt to share yesterday itself but due to some network issues,i was unable to upload but I felt glad now, that He made me to share this on a Blessed Sunday🙏

Yesterday morning onwards one word was in my heart "KNOCK" after sometimes it came into words- UNCLOSED DOOR ( you can see it in my yesterday's writings )Later I found a poem that was similar to my thought - the poem title was "Here I AM knocking".And at evening I felt to watch Reinhard Bonnke's sermon video,so just google it and found a video on the first page itself "Jesus is knocking".


Unclosed Door

Today I felt to write about my Father’s love for you. His heart is opened to anyone and to everyone, only thing you have to do is – with greetings, open the door of your heart to Him and receive Him as your own LORD!!!!!❤

Look the one who is standing outside
At the door of your heart
For such a long time
Waiting only for you
Only for YOU!

Just waiting to open
The door of your heart
Just open the closed
And see His love for you
Only for YOU!

Now its upto you
He never force you
To receive Him.
But Still waiting
Only for YOU!


Love waits!

My Heavenly Father: Jesus Christ

Before I unto my mother’s womb,
You started to love me,
You knew me, awaited for me,
He waited for so long,
Cause’of Love
Still Loving me….

My Parents,

After I unto my mother’s womb,
They waited for my arrival,
When I born into the world,
They received me,
With lots of Love,
Still loving me…..

My Dearest,

Waiting to receive and give more love!

The Voice

In large distractions,
He kept my heart safer!
Today the sounds,
Tried to distracts me.
The sound of people,
The high volume of Television,
The noise of vehicles,
Everything was there.
They raised their sounds,
More than before.
My ears heard all those,
But He listened to my prayers.
He knews my struggles,
He shut down the entry
Of all nuisance,
Close me tightly to the WORD.
He knews my heart beat,
More than anyone.
He knews me very well,
What my heart needs.
His voice is louder,
Than any other voices,
Your song is my life,
There is no other songs
That makes me happy!


The word I hates,
Once it comes to us,
It ruins everything.
An antonym of Love,
It had a great enemity,
To sacred and holy!
Turn and walk away,
From this Evil,
Then you will be richer
In His Love!