A Reason for my LOVE

Its an unknown reason
Known by you and me
But still its unknown
Your questions remained unanswered
Unanswered are answered now

Right Relationships

Good contacts lasts forever !

The relationships are sacred and treat it with respect.Its very easy to spoil a relation but its difficult to maintain.Many people cross in life but very few found space in heart.The gap between the two will be filled with love, care, integrity, compromise, understanding, trust more than all a clear transparency is required.The hidden secrets will break the bond between the two.


Warnings and Cautions

Maintain or destroy!

Human against humans. When afraid of wild animals and all other disasters, just felt to think about how it caused. Disobedience to the instructions, all don’ts becomes do’s for humans. The sign boards are signals to stay away from dangers. Self -destructions not only destructs selfs but ones who’s associated to them also.


Life Jacket

On water will wear a life jacket
But for life which jacket is choosen

Life jacket a precaution on water.In life’s journey what precautions and safety measures should be taken.Nothing saves us except the Creator. Everything is well calculated, well-noted,appointed, happens at the right time. Wear the jacket of Faith and face the future without fear.


Worldly Rules🔨

World is full of evil and darkness
Where can we find a true light!!!

The world is following the decree put into deception, corruption and all sort of evil practices.Here we are rich in culture and customs just analyse the logic too.Following principles in life is a person’s personal aspect, still compelling others strongly to one person’s principle is something that can’t be accepted. Now world practices false beliefs and hatred. Away from love, truth and kindness will makes to fall in a huge pit, no rescue operations are possible at that time.


Life is not easy as such
Paths of throny and stones

Its not always flowers covered with paths. Troubles continues for righteous, sometimes the journey might be alone. The thrones are sharper and stones are harder, both with same intentions. Walk independently even in troubles. Now expected ones will not be there but will receives all answers for the troubles one day.