An Empty Tomb

An empty grave is there to prove my Savior lives😊

My Savior lives

Seated at the right hand of God

King of Majesty

You taught me Love

In the Cross➕

Your”Arms Stretched Wide Opened”

To Embrace me with Love♥

Jesus Christ, the King of Kings

Lives Forever!


On My Knees!

Down on my Knees

I found True Love

Down on my knees

I found peace

Down on my Knees

I saw the Cross

That gaves me a new hope

An everlasting Hope

Down on my Knees

I heard a voice of a comforter

Its my complete submission

Your daughter is here

Before you

Show me your way

The way that ends with you

I loved to be on my knees

Only before you

Good News!

The word Gospel literally means “Good News.”Before I was unaware of the term “Gospel” and I asked to my dearest what it was..what it meant!!!!But at that time, you was not completely known for me.Later, after the acceptance,your Word revealed into me.

1 Corinthians 2:6-16

The Gospel brought me an everlasting Joy in Christ Jesus.There is no discrimination for Him.Even in my distractions,I found peace with Him.At the same time,I’m glad to share it with others too.

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The Cup of Experience!

My heart filled with so much of pain and my eyes are weak, at one side i’m a subject for criticism and mockery but on another side I’m blessed with so much of love.I don’t want to lose my character and identity..I wish to be just as I’m.My identity is what i’m in Christ..When the whole world raised their voice against me🔊 something like a loudspeaker that kept adjacent to my ears..I felt so irritated with lots of physical and mental stress but on that time I heard a voice that comes inside from me with a low volume but vibrant but with lots of power,that sound controlled all my emotions and calm down my mind and heart beat.

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A week with lots of gratitudes,prayers and fastings at their own churches and homes.I felt myself glad today..He gave me an opportunity to receive a very very small *CUP OF EXPERIENCE* for Him!!!!

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Carried Our Diseases!

The blood drops that came from His holy wounds is for my sins.He is the only perfect one and He don’t want to bore the sins on the tree.But the righteous person bore everything alone for me and never said ‘No’ to His father’s commands.

-He is the Perfect Son

-He is the Perfect Father

-He is my Healer

-He is my Savior

Matthew 8:17 -He took up our infirmities and bore our diseases.”