Scenario 43


Yesterday night myself and mom took some chilli powder and turmeric powder together, poured some water and kept aside. Today morning we noticed a thick layer and smells different, something related to a chemical substance. Have you experienced any situation like this before?

Random Thoughts 13 _ Temple

A little girl in a temple
With an innocent heart
Entering inside the temple
After a touch on the entrance step
Standing in front of deity
There comes a voice
Tie your hair properly
Her hair was not open
She already cliped her hair


What I noticed from a temple. The girl already tied her hair. Some hair came out from the clip and appeared in both sides of her ears. The voice pointed a RITUAL that it’s not good to keep the hair open inside the temple especially when you’re in front of a deity. Her mother took her out and tied the hair properly, after the hand wash, both entered inside the temple.

What you think on this??? Let me know in the comment box.

Random Thoughts 11

Look at her dress, She is too modern?
Look at her dress, It’s old fashioned.
Look at way of dressing style, how awkward?
Look at the dressing style, are you not ashamed?
What a color contrast, looks weird.
Look at her dress, how beautiful!

Dressing / Attire – choice of a person. Is there any objection ???? I’am waiting to read your thoughts in my comment box👇🏻😊