Sharing a Testimony

On this Blessed Sunday,My Lord insisted me to share a testimony about a hindu girl who turned into Jesus Christ and accepted Him as her Personal Lord and Savior.

She was born into a hindu family and followed all traditions and customs taught by her elders without knowing the truth.Her life transformed when she turned into Jesus Christ and the Living Word gave her a new life.It happened completely( the day the Holy Spirit came to her and she accepted Jesus love into her heart) when she started reading her Bible..she was not properly guided or taught by anyone,so she prayed to Him .And His Spirit gave wisdom to her.She started to meditate the word day and night and the Word became her living bread.Slowly Jesus started to reveal himself to her.

She is the first one in her family who accepted Jesus as the Lord.

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The major challenge she faced was from the people itself.Her family, friends,fellow beings everyone was against her faith.They gave lots of mental agonies and stress to her.Not even the parents supported her since they are so much worried about her future- especially when it comes to her marriage ( that’s the only one concern of her parents because of that reason they are not supporting her)They conveyed to her that ‘no Christian will accept you.

However its her decision and choosen life.Whatever might be His decision, she is ready to face since she relied only on Him.

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Still now she is passing through lots of painful situations and stresses.Most of the time she doesn’t knew how to handle the situations but the Lord works on that time and gave her more patience to handle it properly(She really needs a church and the fellowship with believers)

Her heart became heavy on Sundays since its her greatest sorrow that she don’t have any church to attend the sunday sevices.Right now her room is her church.Her prayer is the conversation with Christ.(She used to listen the sermons of Billy Graham,Reinhard Bonnke and so on..its made her happy.She sungs along with the youtube worship songs)

Whatever might be the situations,the Living Gođ is her greatest comforter and true lover of the soul.He made her relaxed and always reminds that there is a time for everything and its all works for your goodness.He is watching over you and not blind to your tears.

Jesus knews everything-Trust Him completely and don’t need to be worried of anything+

Matthew 6:33 -seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

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6 thoughts on “Sharing a Testimony

  1. “Whatever might be the situations,the Living Gođ is her greatest comforter and true lover of the soul.” Yes, He is the greatest comforter and He sometimes sends friends to help comfort us, too. May God strengthen this “young lady” to continue to trust in Him and find peace. May He send her many friends to help and comfort. Blessings to you, dear Athira! {{HUGS}}

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  2. Oh such a beautiful testimony of God’s Holy Spirit and how He brings people into His heart! I am so thankful for His protection over His beautiful daughter. May she feel the love of her friends on the other side of the world! Someday we all will meet in Heaven!

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