Shine! Shine!! Shine!!!

Few weeks before,I added a topic here- Your life is a message to this world.,I hereby adding it again since today He told me like that…Your message is your life lived.Your gift is your divine self expressed so utilise your hours properly.Simply allow yourself to expressed in your own way.

Look at the mirror, there is none like you..Only you..A masterpiece!!!!so love yourself😍You are a unique one so be a unicorn!!!

Do not fear failures since we all knew failure is the stepping stone to success.
Sometimes we need to face failures but realize that something better is awaiting for you.In your life, do not hide your light under a bushel but let it so shine than all may see the wonders of you,thus to know the wonder of themselves.

Have a Blesseđ Sunday !!!!!

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4 thoughts on “Shine! Shine!! Shine!!!

  1. So true. Each of our stories is unique, purposed of God. Even our failures are a showcase for His faithfulness, kindness and grace. Thank you for this precious encouragement to keep shining our light in Christ Jesus.

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