Watch your ways!!!

A Man without sins has already taken our sins upon His shoulders and accepted us as His daughters and sons.There starts a new relationship- A bonding of a Father to His Children and we all join together and comes under a Holy family.

After that we have to be more concious about the life since its not like older.He gave us a new birth to lead a holy life so we must stay far away from sinful things.Definitely others will tries to drag us into older things, ( impure,unholy and evil things)it happens knownly or unknownly but we must be more careful on the ways.

Try to lead a life without sins!


Be on your foot
Stand firm in your faith
Watch your ways
Stay away from evil
Hold to what is good

3 thoughts on “Watch your ways!!!

  1. Thank you Athira, this is so good. These words are touching me so much tonight:

    “Be on your foot
    Stand firm in your faith”

    Jesus is so near to help us stand firm. I am so glad we can pray for each other, to stay firm with Him!
    Love and blessings to you!

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