Battling Depression

Pic Courtesy : Downloaded

You knew what i’m going through

I cant fix this situation alone

I desperately need your help

I release it to you right now

and laid everything to you

My heart is worried so much

But you already told me that

Don’t lose your faith in the storms

Don’t worry about anything..

Forgive me Lord…

Cleanse me Lord

Fill me with your Spirit..

Right now I’m feeling relaxed

You reminds me again that

“Never Alone,I’m here for you

I request you to make me alive 

In you, I kept my heart

In you, I kept my mind 

In you, I kept my soul

I choose to rest in you

2 thoughts on “Battling Depression

  1. Dear Athira,
    I am so thankful that our Jesus gave you His peace. But I continue to pray for you through the storms. It is so hard to feel alone in a hard place. I know that feeling too. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers even tonight. Much Love to you!

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