Evlin# 3 – A Real Life Experience

Evlin – Part 3 ( At Kitchen)

Evlin went to the kitchen to help her mother in law.She took the broom to clean up the house.Suddently, a voice raised ” You dont need to do the clean work, your office work starts at 9 am so get ready to start your work. Evlin said” there is ample time, so I will do” again the lady said” In this house , there is not that much work to do, if there its only a few that I can manage.She tried to catch the broom from her, but she said again ‘ I will do”.

The contrast is the same time she acts like Evlin is not doing anything at home not directly indirectly..She said to her later that she is not a good daughter in law, not taking up the responsibilities at home, the point is her mother in law never allowed it, She need to have control on her son,once she added that point to Evlin.

Daily this is the think happening in that house.She don’t allow anything to do..But after her son wake up and ask to Evlin ” At which time you wake up today, what all things you did in kitchen and home?? She is in middle of both conversations. If Evlin starts to do something, the mother in law says ” you dont know anything, you cant do anything.”

She is ready to do the household duties morning by adjusting the office timing but mother in law never allowed that too.She needs to get calls from office, so she used the head phone and managed the kitchen work.On later her mother in law added ” She is always with phone calls”

Evlin is totally confused, each time her mother in law behaves differently. Evlin asked to me – Whether she really loves me or …..

Evlin don’t know even to put milk tea.When she asked her many times, she gave all information wrongly- measurement of tea spoon ,adding water- some prefer strong tea, some light.At last Evlin’s mother helped her to put an excellent tea and her husband also accompanied.She cooked many tasty dishes, her husband loved the cooking but her mother in law never enjoyed his son’s words.
If Evlin refer any youtube videos for cooking, she felt as an insult.

Once she prepared a cauliflower curry, it was a big flop and she asked with mother in law to taste the dish and ask for help to add the taste makers , she replied” everything is fine, nothing to be added,you can serve it.Her mother in law served that dish for dinning. Evlin’s husband said, “its not good.Her husband said everything openly in case of cooking , if it good he said good.
Later at night, her mother in law add something to it and served nicely. Hope you all got that point!!

To be continued…..


14 thoughts on “Evlin# 3 – A Real Life Experience

  1. Even through a third-person narrative, you showed the troubles faced by Evlin with very deep insight. You set up the stage for the story to unfold very well!

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    1. Thanks alot Aushana..I knew all are struggling one way or another in daily livelihood.How the people overcome the situations is the matter..I felt to write something regarding the same.
      Once again thank you for your kind words..πŸ™

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  2. This story makes me feel so badly for Evlin. Many of us know what it’s like when we just cannot please someone. It is so much harder when we live with them. A good reminder to be a kind welcoming mother in law.

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