Evlin # 4 _ A Villain

A real life experience of my dearest friend, with her permission…

Characters : Evlin and her husband

Scene 1

A real love story starts here after marriage.None can’t seperate them even now.A beginning of quarrelsome in the name of a Dog.The Dog was husband’s pet, inside the house with him. His wife never liked the dogs inside the house.She knew that its her husband’s pet so she adjusted maximum.Its something beyond her thoughts,since a single child with a dog from childhood, he considered the dog as a sister.All thoughts of her husband seems to be indifferent for the girl.A house full of dog’s hairs, in dresses, kitchen, plates,carpet, bedsheet everywhere.

Scene 2

The old dog became sick .All treated it like a kid now, full treatment and care. And very soon, the dog died.A bad day that ruins their relationship.For past few weeks, the girl suffered some health issues due to lack of sleep, bad foods and the behavior of her mother in law,

They took the dog inside the room and lied that body on a teapoy, and the whole family cried, kissing, hugging that wounded dead body.For her,when a pet dies they will put that body aside- outside the house, until the cremation..its wounded and its not right to keep a pet’s dead body inside the house scientifically, its harms human that too a whole night,water coming from the dog’s mouth, there was no place for the cremation so planned to call the muncipality, but their procedures was not acceptable for the family.They keeps the body on the teapoy, covered with a cloth.

Scene 3

The husband is very upset, the girl tried to consolidate.He visited the dog’s dead body for kissing, all thats not acceptable for her.Next day morning, there was no option for cremation of the body, they took that body to their hometown- it was around 5 hours journey. The girl was sick , she said no to that journey.Her husband and his dad was sad to leave her alone at home but they needed to do the cremation.

Scene 4

They reached back at evening, that night the girl was mentally depressed.She remembered a word her husband communicated last night ” Only that dog gave an unconditional love to him”.It made her sad, she asked about that to him.She realized that nothing more important to him than a dog.He said, it’s difficult to continue the relationship and so..She cried like anything inspite of her health issues.

Scene 5

Fights continued with one or another.She never allowed to buy a dog anymore.She witnessed her husband situation on that day.If it happens again, she don’t know what will happen next.For her nothing important that her husband.But very soon, he bought another one since he can’t live without a dog but can live without her wife.She is not with him now, never wished to see her, no conversations, no phone calls…

She left that home now.

She quoted “There is no space for me in that home, no value, no voice. I love my husband the most…I knew my husband too..But….

Who is playing in between?

Dear pet lovers,

It’s a true story. Its not against your love towards the pets, but after I heard this story from Evlin. I would like to add a point here, nothing beyond HUMAN LOVE.

She asked me ” When I’m going to see him again?”

©️Athira Praveen

12 thoughts on “Evlin # 4 _ A Villain

    1. Yes it’s very sad. I never understand the logic or perspective behind it. How can someone consider an animal like this more than anything in this world. I really don’t know where it will ends and what all thing she needs to face further in her life!!!


      1. No athira! But always fancied a pet patch up broken heart hear it is different! But still I believe the doggy wouldn’t want this to happen if she knows, bcoz they too have a beautiful heart, my neighbors doggy cried for months after her masters death, it didn’t mean his human family missed him less, both were equal!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I support it, the dog never wanted it to be.Every creature have a beautiful heart.But I believe that the above incident happened first time in whole human life.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Maybe and may not be… World crueler as well as beautiful than what we think… There are worser incidence and also way better incidence! It shows the pure negligence of human kind and blinding love by measuring which is more and which is less… Love needs to be felt not measured.. But still I’m hoping a beautiful turning point happen in evlins life, hope she remains strong enough to surpass all the odds and come out victoriously❤

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Yes a strong girl , the dog is not a subject but the attitude of the people matters.Harini, actually Evlin never liked any pets, first time she touched her husband’s dog and she also liked that doggie..what to say..

        I guess true love covers multitude of sins, love cover ups everything.I shares all comments to Evlin whenever I gets time since its her story. She told me to convey her special regards to you after heard your response to the post 🙂


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