I Love You

I never realized the power of these words
Those three words, until I met you
My heart says only to you, My Love
None will enter into my heart
None can unlock my heart
Since the key is only with you
Saying I love you is simple
You will never know how much
In your smile, I found my happiness
In your bright eyes, I found my life
When you cuddle me so tightly
I found your passionate love
You makes my visions clear
When we see it together
You makes my day brighter
Undefined love, defines
When it felts from the heart
I started with blank mind
Now its filled with your love
When you first kissed me,
The world turned into upside down
When you lifts me up,
I became a dancing doll,
We walked with arms holded
I’m longing for your warm hug
The only thing comforts me
I hate being away from you
Even we are miles apart now
You never far away from my heart

Thank you for reading 
©️Athira Praveen 

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