Scenario # 1

Husband and Wife : She loves him wholeheartedly with utmost purity but she is rejected by him.What does it means?

For instance: Evlin’s husband loves his mother the most and Evlin is happy for that but why he is not willing to listen her?

My dear readers, please share your thoughts !!!!!

23 thoughts on “Scenario # 1

  1. I think it means that he is still a child and not a man :(. My marriage was like this. Very terrible. Unfortunately to really love the selfish and immature we must often tell them “no”. Men need to leave their mothers care and move on to take care of their wife and children.

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    1. Yes Melanie..Hope your marriage life is going better now..
      Evlin is not with him now Melanie, she left the house.She wants her husband, she told me that she loves him the most…but she can’t stay with his parents. Unfortunately, her husband said a big NO, he conveyed that if she wants to live with him, she can stay with his parents or else he won’t come…
      Think about her situation Melanie..

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      1. That is so terrible :(. Unfortunately I also had to leave because staying became dangerous. God does not want divorce but He also knows we cannot live among hard hearts because it eventually becomes violent and He does not want us serving the unrepentant. I am glad Evlin had the courage to leave and I will be praying for her.

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      2. Melanie..daily I used to contact Evlin… she is not ready for a divorce,but can’t stay in that house.
        If you don’t mind, when was your marriage?
        Whether you people see each other after all those.

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      3. It has been seven years. He has remarried a woman that his family likes. She makes a lot of money and is an American like they are. I am a Canadian and I needed to stay home from the workplace to take care of my sick children. They did not agree with this. People who evaluate people in the light of money cannot love.

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      4. Yes we did get divorced. Please encourage your friend to not have children with a man like her husband. It will mean a great deal of suffering for the children.

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      5. I am in a difficult struggle for the well-being of my children as I am lacking help to care for them. They both have nonverbal autism.

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