Evlin # 5 – A real life experience

Part 5 – The END

As you all knew, Evlin is not staying with her husband now.She wants to live with her husband happily but can’t stay in that home anymore.She asked her husband to stay together in another home but he is not ready to leave that home and wants to stay with his parents.

He and his parents visited Evlin. Her husband asked only one question” Are you wiling to come and stay with us ” Both of them wants to talk each other but never happened on that time. Evlin tried her maximum to talk with her husband and he had some interest to talk with her and entered to Evlin’s house but on that moment , his mother forcefully pulled him back and without any hesitation, he returned . Evlin responded ” I’m not ready to stay at that home but I want you in my life”.

They left silently.

Evlin is not contacting him now since all her calls seems to be disturbance and quarrelsome.Now no phone calls,messages, no contacts..As per the opinion of his mother,she is a liar for them. But God is great, of course one day all the truth will come out.Where this life moving?

Why he is not willing to lead a life with her away from that home? Why he is not making any calls or messages to her?? Inspite of all facts for whom she is waiting now?? Does true love still exists ???

Evlin waits for him till death…

Will they meet again!

I guess most probably this maybe the last post related with Evlin. I wish both of them to lead a happily married life.

With lots of prayers
©️Athira Praveen 

9 thoughts on “Evlin # 5 – A real life experience

      1. Ya it’s hard for me to comment on that because we were taught that God says a man should leave his father and mother and build a new life with his wife. A man who still needs a mother is not ready to have a wife in my opinion.

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      2. They just started their life, many more years to go.Evlin understood that there is no point to have any further conversations. Her husband is not ready to accept her into his life.She understood their is no space for her in his heart, otherwise at least he could maintained a contact with her whatever might be the reason, she is his soul-mate.Evlin said like “She and her husband had an amazing love connection before..
        Now he only wants to protect and support his mother.

        What will his parents do, if they really wants to see them together??

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      3. I don’t believe it’s a decision for his parents to make. It is a decision for him to make. Doesn’t his father protect and support his mother?

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