20 thoughts on “What money can buy ?

      1. completely agreed and accepted 100%. but still there do remains a factor where practicality of life meets the dark side of material requirements which at some level requires the intervention of money.

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      2. True Priya..Of course we need money, but I hope the greediness is the problem and the attitude towards each thing matters, the gap between the word WANT and DESIRE.


      1. Short and deep post, athira.👍👌👏

        When You run behind money,
        People run behind you…

        Ofcourse, I am not behind money as I do not want false people around me..

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      2. Yes Sang, at present world if we have money power everyone comes behind us and they will receive maximum love and support from the dear ones.Hope the greediness for money creates the problems around us.

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