Scenario # 5

Covid-19 Crisis – Devotees

Today on this Dussehra eve, I noticed devotees worshipping temples, only very few with precautionary measures and the word social distancing is just a word now.

-Athira Aparna

23 thoughts on “Scenario # 5

      1. Few days back, the situation was more than worse. But now, the cases are low and the recovery rate is record high at 90%, so it’s pretty much under control. The cause of concern is that it has opened gateways to people for not wearing mask and not following the norms.

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      2. True Ashish, carelessness of people is the major reason behind all those.There is no social distancing among people.Nowadays Covid is considered as a normal fever for everyone.

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      3. Yes hope we also needed it, but the problem is with the testing I hope so, people must do the testing properly.Recently one of my colleague, who was physically fit and there was no symptoms of fever or any other irritations, but he went for a check up since many are doing these days and on that time he found its positive.

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      4. Yup there are many cases like the one you mentioned here. The number of asymptomatic patients is more. We never know when we get positive for the virus. I think people should only get checked when there are some or the other symptoms, else there is nothing to worry for now.

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  1. So true! After months, I visited a temple in the middle of Navratri celebrations. I was shocked to see people ignoring even the basic safety measures. None except my mom and me wore masks. I bet most of them are people who are completely aware of the pandemic.

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