15 thoughts on “Scenario # 8

      1. I believe in the existence of a superior power over us. Being born in a Hindu family, I follow the culture and worship Hindu Gods. On the whole, I’m a universe believer.
        I don’t think following rituals is mandatory, the faith must lie within us. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. No its not a game.It’s related with Hindu Astrology.
      Mainly the South Indian’s those who believes in astrology, will go to the astrologer for their present and future, especially when it comes to marriage, they will select a bride that matches with their star( zodiac sign) after that only will move forward with the matrimonial alliances.Some believes in it and others not.

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      1. Oh wow!! We donโ€™t do that at all here.

        We do have astrologers, or psychicโ€™s that people can go to… like you say, some believe, but most disregard – it is more of a fun hobby for us, but not used to plan life decisions

        That is very interesting though!

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