12 thoughts on “Thali/ Mangalsutra

    1. There is no assurance for a matrimonial relationship too Hema.Most of them consider it as a joke or time pass.They will marry someone after sometime take a divorce and marry another girl / boy.
      It was based on my Evlin series..Her husband considered her as an mere object and now he don’t want her.

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      1. Athira if you ask me, frankly i would say the most important thing matters is the love, affection, bonding 2 people share between them… All the traditions like sindoor, mangalsutra, toe rings, bangles etc etc not sure if more are there or so are important but should not be imposed on women if they dont want to wear… In a relationship more than all jwelleries, the love and the strong bond should be the top most priority… Again its completely my thinking…not against anyone 😃

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      2. I too supporting your opinion Soni. Thank you for sharing your opinion here. It’s completely depends upon the individual choice and decisions.As you mentioned its not against any particular person or against any customs.

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