Scenario # 15

The children are sweet melons. Are they safer here? My childhood days are better than now. My parents’ childhood days are better than mine. My grandparents’ childhood days are better than my parents and what will be the situation of the next generation!

Waiting for your comments…..

9 thoughts on “Scenario # 15

  1. This is very interesting! Yes, I feel that my childhood was better, without the stresses of social media. If you made a mistake or got into a fight, it was never on the internet forever. We could make mistakes, learn, move on… Less stressful. More time to sit and think. Lots of living in the moment without looking at the phone.

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    1. True Jarillissima..I too feel its better.We get more time to think and act also.Sitting together with our dear ones , direct interactions.All new technologies are better means for communication.Both merits and demerits are there, how we all are using all those matters.I guess even a 3rd or 4th standard child have a facebook account.Every kid tries to be a supernatural one.

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