Stand by convictions

Stand by my convictions, is it critical
Yes it seems...being tolerant to situations
Not a quick moving life,Struggles for upright
Maturity to receive the thoughts and ideas
Analyzing with my personal convictions
Gave me a better result than asking with someone
Standing for what is right , from wrongs
My right is not familiar for others
Still Confidence in my rights, gives me a way
Courage to withstand and Influence
If I put two legs in two boats, will sink soon
Rather stand strong with two legs in one place
Ask for the wisdom of the choice
Choice is chosen, Honest to what I chosen
Finds a unicorn inside, its not visible with others
Strong beliefs gives a better vision and understanding
Standing up for conviction is a Commitment
It determines my acts accordingly
and follows my values and motivates to do next
Stand firm gives me a definition to life
Produce a fruitful and meaningful actions
Being myself gives a self satisfaction
Truth upon truth and keep a distance with false.
Stand upright
You won't put head down

Copyright©️Athira 2020

35 thoughts on “Stand by convictions

  1. Amen. Our Lord will help us to focus on Him, and on the truth that He has given to us. Even if we feel alone there, He will help us to keep standing there. Blessings to you dear Athira.

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      1. Thank you for asking, Athira! We live in a small town, so we are pretty safe, shut in here. I am thankful my husband can work from home. But we are not far from the large city of Chicago, and Corona is very bad there. I pray for my adult kids who live there! How is Corona there for you?

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      2. Here also very miserable situation Bettie. People all inside their homes only no other option for prevention.I’m doing my work from home, my fiance too.Parents all inside home itself. By God grace, we all are safe.Hope the world will heal soon. Thank you Bettie..

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