Pic Courtesy : Google Image
Memories never fades away
Make an effort to obliterate
Yet get stronger in times
In a flash light, mind captured
A sequence of shining memories 
Some are frozen, some are locked
Burning dreams sets on fire....

©️ Athira2020 All rights reserved

58 thoughts on “Reminiscence

      1. You’re very welcome
        All is well with is all here thank you. Some struggle but we have much to be thankful for in a quiet semi rural area of few crowds and clean air. But tragically fatalities are now increasing again in the UK.
        Hope all is well where you are?
        Thank you for your kind words

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      1. Yess… Thanks a lot! The content is yet to be uploaded on the website, so i will share it afterwards. Just give your Instagram link if you are there and i will share you the link! Will surely love your feedback! 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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