What’s your age, I’m 10 years old
Oh….such a cute little angel
What’s your age, I’m 20 years old
Wow…such a beautiful Cinderella
What’s your age, I’m 30 years old
Oh…getting older…@ 30
A very matured person now, isn’t?
What’s your age, I’m 40 years old
A complete family package now.
Your age??? I’m 50 years old
Grand children and their grand children
What’s your age, I’m 60 years old
Moving to next phase of life
What’s your age, I’m 70 years old
Now its second childhood period
Like on it will go on else
Like on it will pause

©️Athira2020 All rights reserved

48 thoughts on “Age

  1. Interesting!!

    The trick Athira is not to get sucked in by thoughts and views of our society. Every age has something good to offer. One should learn to be happy and grateful for each season of life.

    Do read my old post: Life begins at 70!

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