67 thoughts on “Mimosa

  1. It’s so easy to impact sensitive people. I think of the verse : The pure in heart shall see God. I think they also cringe at evil. The pure notice the tiniest things and hear God in a whisper. Sensitive 😉

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  2. Mimosa says ” Touch me Not ”

    Everyone is bent upon touching it.

    Still it promptly closes.

    Thanks Athira for highlighting the beauty of the nature and its cryptic secrets.👌👌👏👏

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  3. Nice perspective on why Mimosas are Touch Me Not.

    On a different note, If Mimosas were indicative of the nature of certain humans, who are ‘Aloof’ & Touch Me Not Type,

    Paradoxically, they are the most often touched.

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      1. It’s very beneficial according to Ayurveda..
        The decoction of the root in a dose of 45-50 ml is taken to get relief from renal stones, urinary complaints and asthma.

        The decoction of the plant Mimosa pudica is consumed in a dose a divided dosage of 10-15 ml thrice a day get relief from diarrhea, bleeding piles, diabetes.

        The paste of the plant is applied over fresh wounds to stop bleeding, to treat skin diseases.


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