85 thoughts on “Born for a purpose

  1. Thanks Athira, you have stimulated our grey cells to rethink

    The time between birth and death

    Long if counted in years… HUNDRED

    Short when counted in days… only 36,500.

    The Purpose of Life is to witness, explore, enjoy the countless mysteries of God’s creation..

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    1. Apart from Career and my passion, I need to focus on other human beings rather than self mottos.I won’t wish to point out what I’m doing and how I’m doing, let it be a secret🙂
      My blog is also a small part of it, sharing my real life experience.
      My career and my passion also included in the purposes.Hopefully God will helps me to achieve since it’s all from above.

      May I know your’s Ashokji?


      1. Life simply IS Athira. It takes on any meaning we give it.

        Life is chiefly service. As I keep writing often — my religion is Kindness and Compassion 💖🤗

        May God help you fulfil all your worthy passions 🙏

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  2. The journey to that end is different for each person but it takes focus and the ability to cast aside the disparaging words and misguided attempts of others, and follow the path that brings us home.

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      1. Nice Cindy..put aside the self motto’s and spare some time for my fellow beings.Living for others is something different without expecting a return.Do what you love and love what you do thats my policy Cindy. I do what I loves only.I feel like its not good to point out the things we do for others.

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