77 thoughts on “Scenario # 21

  1. That’s so right. Also it’s so easy to misunderstand someone by failing to interpret a text properly. Face to face conversations are always better when it comes to having a heart to heart talk or just solving an argument.

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      1. I love this post. The internet has made communication easier but yet complicated because we don’t see human faces, behavioural body langauge etc. which is natural for us humans.. Leaving our minds confused.

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  2. Oh, this is so true. I get to have some in-person conversations every day, yet, I sorely miss being with people more often. Technology is nice, yet does not replace the humanness we get from each other by being together. Thanks for the reminder, Athira.

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  3. I love this post and I do agree with you under normal circumstances but in the UK we are in strict lockdown again with this new strain of Covid-19. I live alone so for me apps keep me going! Especially Zoom where you have video and sound so you can see the person’s face. Not ideal but essential at the moment. Otherwise I.only have my 2 cats to talk to! Lol 😆


      1. Pks correct ….you can see this statement globally on news papers and all over . its what world saying move forward …. its not refer to you from my side and i have no time as well. I am sorry you read it wrong.

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      2. Yeah I understood , I never thought you wrongly Victor..Sorry from my end too..🙏🏻
        I loves blogging and discussions here, that only I meant.
        I heard it too related with whatsapp too..
        But I hope we had a discussion before,..nowadays every one looks into phone rather than faces..

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      3. Life changes every day. I only said the statements these days leaving whats app going to telegram as well signal . I am glad you can see what i mentioned. I don’t step on any ones privacy. I love WP and i have made many good friends. I love sharing my thoughts ,pics i take. I comment and exchange thoughts and ideas it is always fun. Thanks for the interactions. Yes phone is an essential part of daily life than people and faces. I agree totally. Thank you being kind and i appreciate.

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      4. Thanks a lot Victor for understanding and you are really encouraging your fellow bloggers a lot..By exchanging thoughts, its helps to learn many new things and ideas..keep moving👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


      5. Victor, Have you notified while people interactions,before it was like please call me now its turned into please send the details in whatsapp…🤦🏻‍♀️

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      6. I still call my home family members and friends on normal call or land line or some times by other ways. I only have a twitter and WP and no more active social media as it consumes lots of time. As technology develops there are advantages and disadvantages as well. Communication really made easier than old days can reach any one instantly. So how we use it helps us or rules us easily. All in users hands . Thanks for writing.

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