Self Acceptance

Self-acceptance is the first step for self-improvement.

Avoid all those
1) I’m not rich
2) I’m not from the elite class
3) I’m an unlucky person
4) I’m not good-looking
5) I have some limitations/restrictions.

Accept yourselves and works for self-improvement.

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57 thoughts on “Self Acceptance

    1. There is a simple tip Chetna..
      Believe in yourself,BE YOU
      Don’t do anything to please others,I’am not talking about bringing smile on others face,I’m talking all about losing our identity for the sake of others.We have our own personality that can’t be visible in any other person. We are unique like a unicorn in this world.

      We all are facing obstacles in one way or another.Towards the end how we faced all those barriers matters in our life.I just sum up some of my points here..Thank you for reading Chetna🙏🏻


      1. I totally agree with you.
        Just shared my thoughts as am a quite person absorbing whatever opinions others have for me. Its like i may be quite but not blind or deaf. Which has caused more harm to my mental health. We all have some or the other issues in life which either makes us a better person or a weak one.

        I was looking for a platform to share my thoughts n feelings with like minded people. If you could guide me of such places would be nice. Thank you
        Much love🤗

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  1. Self-acceptance is the biggest secret to self-improvement. It helps you to work with your emotions instead of against them. Thank you for sharing this wonderful message. 🙏

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