71 thoughts on “#Poem #freeverse 10#In- Tuition

    1. “Intuition is the heart directing you to positive out-comes
      when common sense is confused about the right direction
      for you to travel in.” _-Van Prince

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  1. How I wish I have followed this gut feeling that would have saved me from making mistakes!!
    Very well described, and perhaps it will prevent many from discarding the INTUITION at their peril.
    Thank you.


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  2. I do believe people are becoming more aware of the need to follow intuitive instincts, but it is a slow go. We receive so much guidance from our intuition that is often easily ignored, because we are not taught to listen. Your post delivers an important message.

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      1. Hey dear. I was on a break. My marriage had got fixed and I’ve been busy ever since then. My marriage was in January and now I’m finally finding the time to return to blogging 😅


  3. Yup that’s exactly how you do life …
    Trust your intuition… do not let social media infect the way you feel… you know what is right for you. Don’t listen to the chatter – be strong and be bold… if you believe in something then stand by it.
    Nothing changes overnight – things take time to work on … so believe in yourself and you be golden 💛

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