66 thoughts on “#Scenario 27 #Bold

  1. It’s a nice puzzle that you have created here. For me, boldness is first facing self fear before facing an external target because it’s always the inner demons you need to conquer before battling the outside world.

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  2. Different things on different days lol
    I am bold I would think? I am quiet but I am bold and also strong.
    I do all that and don’t always feel strong or bold.
    Oh well … I still have to deal… so I just hold my breath, do my best and hope I am bold enough lol
    🙏❤️ so far so good … mostly 😘
    Hope you are well and safe ❤️

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  3. Boldness means that you are not afraid of the difficult problems. Bold people wear their problems like a badge and walk forward proudly.
    I really liked how your poem conveyed that just because you let out your grief by crying, it doesn’t mean that you are not bold. Crying has no relation with being weak. It shows that you have the courage to accept your hardships.

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