79 thoughts on “#Quote 38

    1. Yeah, thats true..
      I just wrote in another perspective here.
      Even the same, when we starts to count the blessings I’m sure it’s uncountable.I wrote about it too in my posts “HOW BLESSED I’AM” is one among them.
      I gave an another view of comparison here Ashokji..

      By the way..How are you? It’s been a long time..

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      1. I knew that Athira. It is the most common perspective or attitude : look at others who have more and feel lesser or diminished somehow.

        I didn’t mean to say what you wrote wasn’t true 😊

        All is well with His grace. Have been busy with the book 😊

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  1. “To compare yourself to others
    you are trying to discover the true meaning of judgment
    really finding out that contrast is what you seek
    between beauty and flawlessness,” _-Van Prince

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