115 thoughts on “#Snap 21

  1. omg! their was this really cute boy and he talked to me and then when he leafed I noticed my antenna was crooked!
    Omg! Girl that was sooo sad, im sorry, Oh well, now he is mine! mwahhahaha
    What!!!!!! wait!!!!!!

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  2. “I guess we need to move out of our homeground for greener pastures and better food.” said the one ant to another to which he replied “I guess you are right, all good things lie outside our comfort zone afterall!”

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  3. Ant1:
    “The sugar supply to the the anthill is quite less these days…”
    -“What do you mean? We are getting plenty of sweet fruit! ”
    -“I meant real sugar! It’s taste,sweetness! And here we are quarantined in the anthill!And…”
    -“Hey, see the camera! Say cheese!”
    -“Haven’t had cheese since long!!!”

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  4. Nicely shot! Might be talking on the giant object (camera/lens) creeping in behind.. or might be chatting on the beautiful and soft green colour of where they are standing or the air or might be thinking why aren’t human beings act and be more responsible and love and take care a bit more… πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

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  5. Probably this is how their conversation went.
    Ant 1- So you haven’t gathered any food either?
    Ant 2- You can see I’m empty handed
    Ant 1- The queen ant has a taste for only human delicacies. How are we going to satisfy her appetite!
    Ant 2- If you see any humans around let me know. They always carry food.
    Ant 1- Sure. Let’s steal some food. But I haven’t seen one in ages. I don’t remember how they look.
    (*Camera clicks*)

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      1. i will only end when we realise ….that the nature works on the principle of us and not me.
        n where is it going….simply to the path of destruction n end currentlt….but lets hope n try our level best to reverse the flow n go back to the healthy wealthy n a wise world…where ppl have more than themselves to care for !!

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      2. Yes Ayushi…
        People should take the decision to sustain or destruct..There are many warnings and cautions God given to us ,still people won’t realize it..


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