Wrinkled face dusky skin with a smile,
Full white hair tied a knot at end
Head with temple flowers
Forehead filled with holy ash and kumkum,
Light weighted printed saree draped loosely
Visiting temples with oil and camphor
In front of Shrines , chanting mantras

©️Athira | All Rights Reserved

59 thoughts on “Granny

      1. Granny the most beautiful and wise personality at any home. She is an inspiration to grandkids and more love and affection to small ones. What a beautiful days of lovely childhood. What ever we do its just falls back in memory and can not return. Beyond all happiness i can say.

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    1. Yes Nisha always special…we will realize the value of a moment until it become a memory..In case of Granny, she is (don’t like to use was, because she is still living with me)very close to my heart, not only for me my parents also.She is very innocent like a child, it’s very difficult to see such a characteristic person.I knew for everyone Granny is special(we valued and loved her a lot) still she lives in our heart…The moments we spent with her was one of my greatest treasure but death, an inevitable one and hardest truth.

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      1. Aww, I can understand your sentiments. As you say the innocence is truly heartwarming and am sure you can feel her presence and she is with you, it is a special bond indeed.

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