42 thoughts on “Quote 45

      1. Thank you for reblogging..🙏🏻
        Fine, thank you for asking!
        Yeah it’s going well..I just started 4 months back..Hope you visited my channel!


      2. I’am from Kerala, here people are making things worser and hope it’s all gets controlled very soon..
        I think the main reason for all those are carefree life of human beings..They are not looking for any preventions and not taking any safety measures..


      1. You’re welcome….
        May I ask you if you’d be interested in participating in an anthology with an amazing theme – Self Love & Empowerment. You’re writings are amazing & I’ve read some of your poems on self love. That’s the
        I know the compiler personally….she’s a very talented writer & the publisher is amazing. I’ve worked closely on Utmost Feelings anthology (which was a tribute to a WordPress blogger, Astha – the original compiler of that anthology)….I was the middleman between publisher & the writers.
        Normally, I don’t ask people abt anthology but this theme, the compiler & the publisher is a dream combination. If you are interested, I can share with you more info.
        Thank you for your time 🙏💫

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      2. Thank you Navin for sharing the details..but I’m sorry to say that I’am not looking for now, but definitely get back to you if I’am interested!

        Don’t feel bad on it and stay connected Navin..Once again thank you for your valuable time🙏🏻

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      3. You’re welcome Athira….
        Thank you very much for your reply….oh, I’m not feeling bad at all….it’s absolutely fine coz yuy must always do what’s right for you….Stay connected ✨🙏💫

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