#Scenario 32

Unfortunately, change is a gradual process..

Let’s discuss..Waiting for your thoughts in my comment box👇🏻✍🏻

36 thoughts on “#Scenario 32

  1. Once, one of my friends in the hostel changed his room in the hostel. The new room was small as compared to the previous one. I asked him why did you do that? He replied, “Change is the law of nature & I was not able to focus on my studies with others ”
    It took him 3 months to realize that. But, it was worth it.

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    1. I just give a contrast as unfortunate..
      It’s Unfortunate when it happens negatively to a person..
      And fortunate, when change happens wisely and positively..
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts here..
      Yes, it’s not always Unfortunate 👍🏻


  2. I LOVE “Gradual change”

    It’s fast change that throws me!

    I like having time to grow and adjust “slowly”… then change is easier? More clear and precise ❤️ not as terrifying because you “ease” into change

    When it goes really fast – I have to rely on my gut and I am not totally confident with that and going fast. I get nervous if change occurs faster than I can really think through??

    My life does both of those 😮 I prefer slower – but sometimes things happen REALLY fast!!

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