#Scenario 33

A person takes pleasure in others pain

Lets have an open discussion on the above scenario..waiting for your comments and thoughts belowπŸ‘‡πŸ»βœπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

70 thoughts on “#Scenario 33

    1. Yes not always Aadya..
      Not all like that, but some there or very few..It’s very easy to join with the one who is laughing, but what in the case of the one who is in grief..Will we join with the person or smiles, that’s the point!


      1. Noted..
        I just put a scenario here..
        It’s very common behavior of people these days..We can’t change people attitude rather we just accept everything in positive ways..According to me, the only thing we can do is ignore those behaviors..don’t bother about those..


      2. You’re really a great writer..Keep writing and share your thoughts.I’m glad to read all your posts and thoughts..Thank you Aadya..
        Have a great day !


      1. I get you but I also disagree. We should realize that people have problems in their lives. We should love them and try to help them regardless of their temperament. Maybe we can’t change them but we can sometimes help them to change themselves. Many times they may have been abused or treated badly which makes them take joy in others pain. People who seem horrible are often the ones who need the most help, but just in a different way.

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      2. That I understood, we can try to change them but change should first come through acceptance.. I guess some miscommunication happened in between..I just point out the sadist mentality of people..

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    1. In this present world, there is no space for love, humanity or anything..
      One above is watching all deeds of human, God will repay each ones according to the deeds..


  1. It’s sad, and true. We should help people in pain and encourage each other to achieve our ultimate goals, Nothing is really gained from taking pleasure in other people’s pain. However, a whole culture is built around envy. And yet those who envy others have no clue about what it is they envy. It’s a vicious cycle of class warfare, identity politics, and race-baiting perpetuated by politicians and the popular press.

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    1. Such a wonderful comment, Timothy..
      Day by day the world is transforming, from good to bad.The values are decreasing and now it’s a materialistic world.I don’t know where it’s going..

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      1. The politicians and media have divided people and work hard to keep people divided. They keep more power as long as they can keep people divided and fragmented.

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  2. I was married to someone like that. I don’t really talk too much about it – kinda silent there.

    It was awful. I like to avoid thinking of. Is too much trauma to remember back on. ✌️

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  3. I find it very sad when people are like that. People who take pleasure in other people’s pain are usually very sad and don’t have much good in their life so seeing others suffer like how they are, is the only thing that makes them feel good about their own bad life. I feel sorry for them.

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