Scenario 36 – Respect others true emotions

A mother crying infront of her daughter’s dead body.
Breaking news : scrolling headlines – A live from the place, capturing all her emotions, sounds, tears with a big impact.

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17 thoughts on “Scenario 36 – Respect others true emotions

      1. I read a lot. I enjoy stitching my clothes and whil stitching I listen to books or to lectures by Bannanje Govindacharya on our Epics, Upanishads, etc. His lectures are in Kannada. There is house work🙂. I used to volunteer in a home for mentally challenged. But since last year I have not gone. Soon I will start going again. In the evenings we go for walk. Then later on, I read posts by other bloggers. I enjoy writing and I post in Stream of consciousness and in Slice of Life, on Fridays and Tuesdays. A few years ago I list interest in TV and movies 🙂

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  1. This is our world now. Not just the TV but every person with a phone keeps videoing persons dying or having emotional meltdown and hitting “post” on social media without considering state of mind or privacy . Our world has become something else.

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