Scenario 37

What is the use of visiting holy places, if people finds happiness in others’ tears.
Is the world in hands of evil?
God is something beyond idols, beyond religion, beyond caste, an invisible presence, moreover inside us, through deeds.

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65 thoughts on “Scenario 37

  1. People search outside which is present inside and hence never find it… one should explore the inner self to find the same which many find it difficult as it requires patience and commitment to one self…. very nice post…. Important question raise…

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  2. God is perhaps the ultimate mystery, yet that presence is all around us in the absolute miracle of creation… and to me it becomes more of a miracle the older I get. We can choose to ignore this and believe everything modern science tells us, for example. Even the smallest cell of our bodies is highly complex when you examine it. Nature is the ultimate testimony of God… at least for me. There is infinite variety and complexity all around us. For me God is the creator, but there is certainly an evil presence in this realm, an intruder, a bespoiler who wants to destroy, as you say, who likes to see people’s tears and misery, and there’s certainly been a lot of that lately. We have to try to see through the narratives we are presented with. Ultimately, all will be well.

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    1. That was a wonderful description Francis, Thank you.
      We really don’t know how God looks? As you said, we experienced his presence invisibility with us. When we talk about God, for each in this world has different testimony that’s makes them unique with each other. That what God also want to be..


      1. Well, it reflects through thoughts, words and deeds, but they all need to be telling the same story if we are to be credible to others. If we say own thing and do something different then no-one will believe we are sincere.

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      2. What I meant is like the presence of God should be reflects in our deeds. Humans are just humans, we don’t have any power to control this world. In a short span of time, how gently we lives matters. God is something beyond our thoughts.


      3. It’s interesting that you say that God is beyond out thoughts because that’s always been my experience. I thought I was doing something wrong when God wouldn’t appear in my mind and dispense peace and happiness directly to me. The best I can come to is an appreciation of living my best version of these qualities.

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      4. Yeah, that day was quite good. Better than the day before certainly. Not quite as good as today, but I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. I think your good wishes helped. How’s your day going, Athira?

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    1. Yes, hope for the best only that we can do..what we think for us as best might not be the best for us. On that time, we might not realize later we will realize..


  3. Well evil is more prevalent… more temptations and less care for one another – too much other distractions

    … but there are still amazing humans… there is still goodness!!

    I seriously know there is because they came into my life sincerely when needed – there are some really truly incredible people around … humanity and selflessness does exist ❤️

    There are people who have hearts and care for others ♥️

    I don’t know how to tell you where to look – but they are there!!

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      1. Yes absolutely

        … maybe still go to holy places to pray for the souls who have no humanity or care ??

        They are still humans too… so you pray for them? We are all gods children or whatever your belief is

        But for fellow man that maybe needs prayer?

        If a man was starving you give food
        If man was cold, you give him cover
        If a man is bad to others … would he not deserve to have someone pray for his soul? Maybe he just needs little humanity?

        I am not overly religious – but it’s probably that … you go to pray for souls in need?

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      2. I guess my point got confused for you. One of my point was if a person who daily hurts others and the only priority is his/ her own goodness and least bothered about others and goes to holy places, since the deeds are entirely different, and all the prayers was for complete destruction for others.

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  4. I think God manifests himself in many different ways (if you look at the number of religions around the world) because each person has her own path and what works for one may not work for another. I personally prefer a religion where the Thou Shalts exceed the Thou Shalt Nots.

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    1. True, here my points was highlighted on the deeds of the people. We all have certain religion that we are following on, but if the people who focuses on others tears or by hurting others..What is the role of their belief..


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