Freeverse 43

Even if you're alone,
Even if the world against you,
Those who stand upright,
Never needs to bow their heads down.

©️Athira2022 | All Rights Reserved


20 thoughts on “Freeverse 43

      1. My father’s name Menon title I’m holding my IC 🌷🙏🌷
        I’m Mrs Padmanathan and he no more 🙏♥️
        You can write my mame Thattamma (God Durga name )
        🙏👏so welcome and happy weekend dear 🙏♥️

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      2. This message I saw now only..
        I’m sorry, I was not aware regarding the above details. I’m glad to know the name meaning..🙏🏻
        Thank you and happy weekend Thattamma🙂

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