Random Thoughts 11

Look at her dress, She is too modern?
Look at her dress, It’s old fashioned.
Look at way of dressing style, how awkward?
Look at the dressing style, are you not ashamed?
What a color contrast, looks weird.
Look at her dress, how beautiful!

Dressing / Attire – choice of a person. Is there any objection ???? I’am waiting to read your thoughts in my comment boxπŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ˜Š



54 thoughts on “Random Thoughts 11

  1. A nice topic for discussion. I agree with you that dressing in certain dress/colour is the choice of a person. Since you asked to share thoughts, I would love to say when it comes to exposing skin in a certain dress or wearing a body-fitting dress, it would be good to think from other person’s eyes too especially in certain places in India (including our Kerala). There are still perverts here and if a girl dress in little exposed dress in public, she may attract comments or staring from these perverts and some old people do moral advising. I would like to add if a girl wishes to dress in a skin revealing or body shape revealing attire, let she choose the occasion and place too for wearing such dress for her own peace of mind in today’s world. In metros, no one cares about what we wear, but in other places people around us will be concerned about it more than our own parents πŸ˜› Once I went out with my best friend wearing an ankle length dress with a slit in middle. I was wearing skin coloured leggings. He looked at my little exposed legs and asked me why didn’t I wore a long leggings in other colour. I was shocked and just told him it is my choice and do you feel anything in seeing my legs. I am wearing an ankle length dress and not a bikini. He stopped talking to me for a week. It hurt me a lot.

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    1. Yes Krishna especially in India (Kerala) those type of narrow mindedness are many, not even we can’t imagine. In other situation, most of them talks like why we need to judge others dressings and blah blah blah…but in reality some restricts their own people in family to wear what they likes..atleast ,we need to react to those sayings when it comes to us. I don’t know when they all will learn all these, people should wear according to their likes and comfort zone. Let them enjoy what they do, rather restricts for even these silly matters. We can’t compare with one style with another dressing style too.All are BEAUTIFUL in their own way… isn’t?

      Btw, did the person talked to you later?

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      1. Yes dear, all dressing styles are beautiful in their own way. Yes, my friend talked to me after a long week of complete silence. He again commented on me when I wore a small top with loose pants saying the top doesn’t cover my back and I asked him why you look on my back instead of my face. He didn’t say anything more as he learnt I just don’t care and wear what is comfortable for me and not for him or any other people.

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      2. Really so true said Krishna! Your thoughts are so awesome and you have really very modern and nice thinking as well. I also agree that A Girl Or anyone has a right to dress herself as she wishes to..πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

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  2. Certainly not. We should never judge anyone on the basis of their attire or physical appearance. It’s entirely upto an individual as to his or her choice of clothes.

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  3. I don’t know much about clothing. I don’t know what’s in style or new or anything. I wear what is comfortable and what I like. I don’t care what people wear as long as it is appropriate for public and not immodest.

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      1. Yes dear, I have seen so many people staring at women without any reason and when someone asks them about it, they just reply that they stare because of what she has wore or something else but most of them don’t have a perfect reply because at inner of themselves they know that what they are doing is wrong actually. And I don’t think that people should stare at another person without any reason because there is very limited time with us in our lives and there is a lot of more work which is more important than this! πŸ˜ŠβœŒπŸ‘

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      2. Not so but sometimes because as we all know the harsh reality of our society and that is whether a men wears anything doesn’t matter but the same thing if happens in case of women everyone judges her, this is the problem but my point here is- This is all just a waste of our time but if we’ll start investing our such time in useful things then it’ll surly benefit us as well as the whole society!

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  4. People criticise women no matter what we wear so may as well wear what we like. Also, I want to add that perverts will make comments whether you are dressed conservatively or not. People like that will always have a reason to stare at women. They are the problem not what a woman wears.

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    1. Yes, women are not at any fault here. As men are allowed to wear/do whatever they feel like, why not women.
      This attitude may look small, that okay women are stopped from wearing certain clothes, but actually this is a big deal. Such partiality, creates gap and such gaps prevent women from achieving more.
      Such attitude is everywhere, and it stop women from making their own choices.
      It also makes them nervous, scared and terrified with how they look. It make them feel guilty.

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  5. The major issue is not how women dresses. It’s how men see them. Men will always judge no matter what women wear. If she is wearing bold colour, people will judge her. If she’s wearing tight, then people will judge her.
    There’s no escape in this.
    Men are allowed to wear shorts, but then when women wear them, they are called names.
    It’s not just men, older women also stop their daughters from wearing their favourites, but boys are allowed with everything.
    Such mentality thwart women’s success. As women are always stopped, it kills their possibilities.

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