Random Thoughts 13 _ Temple

A little girl in a temple
With an innocent heart
Entering inside the temple
After a touch on the entrance step
Standing in front of deity
There comes a voice
Tie your hair properly
Her hair was not open
She already cliped her hair


What I noticed from a temple. The girl already tied her hair. Some hair came out from the clip and appeared in both sides of her ears. The voice pointed a RITUAL that it’s not good to keep the hair open inside the temple especially when you’re in front of a deity. Her mother took her out and tied the hair properly, after the hand wash, both entered inside the temple.

What you think on this??? Let me know in the comment box.


16 thoughts on “Random Thoughts 13 _ Temple

  1. I too heard this some old grannies in temples telling to girls and women. I feel it inappropriate as we Keralites go temple after bath and for girls and women with long hairs won’t get their hairs dried easily and so put it loose. No one is intentionally shedding hairs in temple. It may or may not happen. I believe the deity inside temple and within our hearts is same and deity in temple may be more powerful due to daily specific rituals. I believe such a power can withstand all the negative effects even if it a small strand of hair. Since old people have their own worries of old age and lots of experience than us feel joy in advising others rather than peacefully and silently pray to god and not to interfere with others. What to do 😊 We can either stay silent to them and pray in temple or tie our hairs safely before going to temple. Choice is always ours.

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    1. Yes what her mother did was fine and also she remained silent. There is no point of arguments especially inside the temple, it’s not good too to have a conversation. I agree with you Krishna and also would like to add that even God might not be aware about those rituals and sayings that has been created by humans. God always looks for good heart to stay and communicate. All those are created by humans and has followed by generations only because of ancestors.

      Btw it’s really nice to have a conversation with you Krishna. To be frank, I’m always eager to read your thoughts on my posts below.

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