Random Thoughts #19

My click
All I wish for is to look at you
Just be far away, to listen my heart
To know the real pulse of nature
I just close my eyes for a minute
So that I can feel the love of nature
All my heart wants is to shutdown
More like everything the world is full of...
Let me close the gateway of darkness
And enter into the world of enormous
Love and peace.......
My eyes slowly opens up
To accept the reality of real world...
Without losing me.....
Without losing my identity.....

©️athiraa2023 | All Rights Reserved

19 thoughts on “Random Thoughts #19

      1. Very rarely. Only approved comments become visible in my WP posts and I ignore and delete unnecessary comments and don’t respond to it. Some people are like that, they like to find mistakes in others than correcting themselves. If we try to answer them, we lose our energy and time. Some criticisms we can take positively, but its purely personal choice.

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