My Captain

The one who came into my life.
Captain, My Captain the name really suits
Shining two grape eyes told me an untold story
Story that never ends without a full stop
Innocent smile, open ups my mind.
He walks differently difficulty 


Winkle face dusky skin with a smile,
Full white hair tied a knot at end
Head with temple flowers
Forehead filled with holy ash and kumkum,
Light weighted printed saree draped loosely
Visiting temples with oil and camphor
In front of Shrines , chanting mantras  
 - ©️Athira Praveen  

Little Literature #Poem 1_ Emily Dickinson’s _ Knows how to forget

Knows how to forget!

Knows how to forget!
But could It teach it?
Easiest of Arts, they say
When one learn how

Dull Hearts have died
In the Acquisition
Sacrifice for Science
Is common, though, now—

I—went to School
But was not wiser
Globe did not teach it
Nor Logarithm Show

"How to forget"!
Say some Philosopher!
Ah, to be erudite
Enough to know!

Is it in a Book?
So, I could buy it—
Is it like a Planet?
Telescopes would know—

If it be invention
It must have a Patent—
Rabbi of the Wise Book
Don't you know?

My findings and conclusions

Interpretations are many – She might tried to learn the art of forgetting the past that she don’t want to recollect again- It can a demise of someone closest to her- Trying to find answers for her doubts or questions, it might be answered or unanswered later- A poem with full of deepest emotions and sorrows- Towards last she asked to Jesus ( Rabbi) for her response.

Happy Pappaji’s Day

Happy Father’s Day Pappaji…
Feeling grateful & blessed🙏🏻
A man behind me who always motivates me, gives me an optimistic attitude to each and everything,who supports my dreams, knew me before I utters, I still remembering the childhood days who holded my arms tightly and helps me to walk through the unknown paths…
But still I don’t feel that a father’s day is necessary, because for me everyday is my father’s day since you are one of my blessing Pappaji…Chintupappa💜I was unaware of this day, found from my friend’s status only..

Mom ,I also likes to thank you who always behind us for each and everything…👨‍👩‍👧
Then comes Pravi _my husband_ now a son for my parents and a lover of my soul😍👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💞

I’m experiencing new love on each day💜💜♥️

With LoVe
- Athira praveen


Your droplets of love

Gives me hope for tomorrow

Which color I should give you

One drop , not enough

Its shines with light rays

Gives a rainbow color

Running all around

What a difference it made

Droplets for a reason