Life shades “10”

One decision changes life
Your choice your life
Who’s botheration
Only for ones who loves you

When you says
Your life for others’ smile
You’re faking
Without knowing
What others’ really needs

Doing something playful
Never brings smileys
Around your head
Real shines comes
When you looks
Not only in eyes
Know others’ heart


Life shades #7

Let my eyes speaks
To the world
Emotions rolls down
With the power of truth
Pearl drops flowing
Dissolves within a minute
Spreads red colour
In the heart of garden
I can’t be a red rose anymore
That makes me the happiest
Light glares changes my color
Cycling ropes tightens me
For a phase of new eclipse
Fallen petals can’t be a flower
New blooms comes out

©️athiraaparna2022 | All Rights Reserved

Scenario #41

Why life is so hard…Life is soo easy going..Is it better to live a hard life or easy life?

Can we have a discussion on this.. I’am waiting for an open conversation on this topic, please drop your comments below👇🏻