Random Thoughts #20

This is my father.
This is my mother.
This is my grandfather.
Who is grandmother for your mother?
Who is father to your grandfather?
Eyes rolls for some kids
Give children an awareness on relationships.
Building blocks of relationships.
Needs a good foundation.


High Attention Bloggers

I would like to put forward some common thoughts that constantly coming to my mind for months.

As a blogger, I think, this is a medium for open communication focuses on thoughts, opinions, creativity, emotions and so on. A place, I spend for healthy conversations only. Here we meets many people with unique talents and capabilities, some are experts in language, some are budding writers, some are already established bloggers, some focuses on inspiring others…………..

My point is, I always consider myself as a student, that loves to learn day by day. I’am receiving some straight attack comments for some of my posts, pointing out my language, contents whatever it may be….

My dear friend, I would like to convey only one thing with you, it’s really good to point out others mistakes, that helps to rectify and mould better. At the same time, don’t think you as an ultimate teacher who knows everything in this world. So please don’t waste your time by provoking others.

Thank you for your time 🙂

Regards ©️athiraaparna

Oh ! Life

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What is life
Shows me the directions
Hidden paths always hides
Time to discover
The right route
Control the anxious future
Slowly erase the path
Hard and tough process
Hold to present
Self evaluation mode on
Check the possibilities


Scenario 46

I don’t feel like a day is needed to remember mother’s love, but in this world, a day is needed. Make every day special by loving and taking care of loved ones.

What do you think? Write your opinions in comment box for an open discussion ✍🏻

A Picture of Love – Part 4

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My eyes never looks for anything,
More darker than your eyes.
Your heart is more darker than any darkness,
I don’t wish to see your darkness,
Your darkness pull everyone into hell,
Those creatures attacks Intentionally.
The word of forgiveness never deserves for you,
All those are close to your hearts,
Becomes a replica of you,
Transforms into a dreadful monsters.
Like a snake love, waiting for a feast.

©️athiraaparna2023 | All Rights Reserved

A Picture of Love #3

I’am sleeping
What is rolling inside me
I’am not hearing any sounds now
I’am not aware about surroundings
I never wants to close my eyes now
I don’t know how I looks while sleeping
What is happening in nature
A bright sliver slipper smiles at me
Little twinkles blinks at me
All here for a silent night

©️athiraaparna2023 | All Rights Reserved