45# Uncomfortable Truth

Life was not same as yesterday,
Believe! It's changes for a purpose.
Passing faces;
Some are meant to stay
Some goes,
Some stay for a while,
Some deserve a reserved place,
Some taught an untaught lesson,
Some lost on the midway,
Don't cling to people,
If there is no space for you.
Don't think too much of life
Let it go as usual,
Without ruining your self respect.

©️Athira Aparna | All Rights Reserved

Freeverse 44 – Behind

Behind every smile
There is an,
Untold story of pains.
She holds to the truth,
In a straight track,
Without a distortion.
Still effects with pain,
Without a reason.
All reasons hides behind,
By the one above.
She lost the key,
For unlocking her heart
It was filled with
Love, compassion and truth.

©️Athira Aparna 2022