Using others for self pleasure
Using others for self-gain

I will do it, if you do it for me.
I did this for you, 
Look what I bought for you
Here is my gift for you
When will I get mine?
See what is good for you
Without using others
For personal gains
What you achieve
From others’ tears
Will become a curse
That won’t be taken away.


Random Thoughts #9

When we talks about equality. Sometimes I feel the word can be find only in dictionary. It remains as a simple word without any meaning in practical world. How we look at a girl ? The below lines are based on the present world situation. The meaning of a girl leads into beauty, object, entertainment, fantasy, toy, product, victim etc etc.. instead of mother, kid, child, girl,sister, wife, friend, grandmother and so on. A self question we all should ask in one way or another, in one place or another “ARE YOU SAFE” I don’t know.

Her heart bleeds like anything.
What you’re expecting from a girl.
Why you want a girl nearer to you.
Look at her, she is a human being.
With a heart, who knows everything.
She can differentiate love and lust.
She needs an attention not attraction