A Note to my bloggers

Hi friends,

Hope you’re safe?How are you doing? I missed all of your posts, I will come to your write ups soon✍

I came to knew about Astha yesterday, it’s really sad to know. Let all those conditions ends soon.

Everyone please stay safe and stay home, take all precautions to overcome this pandemic and the rest decides by God.

I’m waiting to have a interaction with all of you in my comment box.👇🙂

Family Relations

A mother won’t become a mother by giving birth to a child.
A father won’t become a father by name.
A son won’t become a son by his birthright.
A daughter won’t become a daughter through her birth.
A husband won’t become a husband by tying a yellow thread on a girl’s neck.
A wife won’t become a wife by wearing a mangalsutra on her neck.

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Invitation With Love

Hi all,

Hope you all are doing well!

I was not active on blog these days, but I assure that I will be back very soon and read all of your write-ups. I started a youtube account recently, I humbly requesting you all to like, subscribe, comment and share it with your friends..

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Thank you all…Stay safe, stay home and save lives🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻