Free Verse 37 – Cycle Days

Triplets on road
Three girls together
Two are thick friends
One rides alone
Two talks many
Third joins them
Complete silence
When two enjoys
the conversations
Strange avoidance
The third enjoys
the loneliness
She accepts denial
New lessons
Phases of life

©️Athira 2021 | All Rights Reserved

Self Acceptance

Self-acceptance is the first step for self-improvement.

Avoid all those
1) I’m not rich
2) I’m not from the elite class
3) I’m an unlucky person
4) I’m not good-looking
5) I have some limitations/restrictions.

Accept yourselves and works for self-improvement.

©️Athira2021 All Rights Reserved

Scenario # 1

Husband and Wife : She loves him wholeheartedly with utmost purity but she is rejected by him.What does it means?

For instance: Evlin’s husband loves his mother the most and Evlin is happy for that but why he is not willing to listen her?

My dear readers, please share your thoughts !!!!!


An another day,lit bit irritated ( reasons will be revealed on coming days) actually it was not irritated but my environment and certain situations made me to…But again as usual; He made me relaxed in His presence.Today one of my blogger who used to follow my posts regularly -asked me.I haven’t seen any post today??But I didn’t found that question as a strange one..Felt like an usual one.But after sometimes… my mind dragged me into yesterday’s talk that I had with one person,actually he asked me…why are you like this?Why are you doing this?why can’t you change yourselves? even-though its not a big deal…but I noticed or else my mind stored some words from that conversation.Its COMPARISON, MASTERPIECE,REJECTIONS,ACCEPTANCE.

COMPARISON : Why people are always trying to compare one with another??How wonderful they are ??Most of them are trying to be like might be their friends, role models,TV stars, peer groups or some others..But I just want to point out one thing.YOU ARE UNIQUE…None can replace yourselves with substitutes…You have your own qualities\ capabilities that you are freely received from one above.Just go to the mirror and look at yourselves, how beautiful you are!! 🙂

MASTERPIECE : You are God’s masterpiece. You have your own uniqueness and your own intentions\ purposes in your life.You are here for your own destiny and its entirely different from others who surrounds you…If you need any help or assistance -seek Him first and His spirit will guides your path.

REJECTIONS : In your journey , definitely you have to face many many rejections and discouragements…But its doesn’t matter, Don’t lose your heart, keep up the faith and try to maintain a close relationship with Him.When other’s are trying to discourage you, your heavenly father tries to encourage you..Think about it…so all rejections automatically turns into acceptance.

ACCEPTANCE : As I mentioned before, when everyone rejects you one is there to accepts you.Sometimes you won’t find someone to listen your words but you can find a person who is always ready to listen …Don’t try to follow others since your path is something different and unique from others, its exclusively selected and purchased specially for you…So walk with faith, remind that you had been already accepted and loved…. THE WAY YOU ARE so please don’t wait for other’s acceptance.Let they accept you as they way you are……………

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