Oopss !What a power cut, its going continous

I went out from house to see the Silver slipper

She shines more brighter than ever before

She shines more now since she knew that now

There is no other light, she is on duty now.

She awake at night and looking towards us

And went back to sleep at morning..

The stars shines because of her light

No competitors for her beauty

She is such a beauty queen worn a silver attire

I knew you are fulfilling your purpose

Its never ends continuous till the world ends.

©️Athira ♥️♥️

Be holy, not perfect

The world is created wonderfully
With colors and beauty
Yet the disobedient man fall into sins
The perfect world to imperfections
Its ruins all over the earth

He sent a perfect one to here
To call the sinners
A new pathway is opened
To restore everything
Through sacrifice and redemption

Through persevere faith
Gave a new name
And a call to holiness
taught a new language