Oh ! Life

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What is life
Shows me the directions
Hidden paths always hides
Time to discover
The right route
Control the anxious future
Slowly erase the path
Hard and tough process
Hold to present
Self evaluation mode on
Check the possibilities


A Picture of Love #3

I’am sleeping
What is rolling inside me
I’am not hearing any sounds now
I’am not aware about surroundings
I never wants to close my eyes now
I don’t know how I looks while sleeping
What is happening in nature
A bright sliver slipper smiles at me
Little twinkles blinks at me
All here for a silent night

©️athiraaparna2023 | All Rights Reserved

Fake Fact

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The conflict of existence
Always tells me the reality
Sometimes people won’t accept
God’s presence…
The experience of truth
Attitude changes into new
That I witnessed for some
In the journey of belief
There is no room for trust
In people…..
Fake faith maintains around
In the name of God
Minutes, hours, days, years differs
Science and religion contradicts

What do you think on this topic? The contradiction of faith and science still argues in our lives.

©️athiraaparna2023 | All Rights Reserved