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Little Literature #Poem 1_ Emily Dickinson’s _ Knows how to forget

Knows how to forget!

Knows how to forget!
But could It teach it?
Easiest of Arts, they say
When one learn how

Dull Hearts have died
In the Acquisition
Sacrifice for Science
Is common, though, now—

I—went to School
But was not wiser
Globe did not teach it
Nor Logarithm Show

"How to forget"!
Say some Philosopher!
Ah, to be erudite
Enough to know!

Is it in a Book?
So, I could buy it—
Is it like a Planet?
Telescopes would know—

If it be invention
It must have a Patent—
Rabbi of the Wise Book
Don't you know?

My findings and conclusions

Interpretations are many – She might tried to learn the art of forgetting the past that she don’t want to recollect again- It can a demise of someone closest to her- Trying to find answers for her doubts or questions, it might be answered or unanswered later- A poem with full of deepest emotions and sorrows- Towards last she asked to Jesus ( Rabbi) for her response.


Learning is a continuous process
To be an expert to an extent

Expert in something only to an extent. However acquiring knowledge is a continuous process, can’t expertise each and everything but can gain maximum information and knowledge when we are here.Every day is a new phase of learning and rather than bookish knowledge,experience maketh a man expert.Don’t avoid books completely both theoretical and practical is needed. Knowledge – sharing have a key role for an expertise.

The Living word gives a life.