What’s your age, I’m 10 years old
Oh….such a cute little angel
What’s your age, I’m 20 years old
Wow…such a beautiful Cinderella
What’s your age, I’m 30 years old
Oh…getting older…@ 30
A very matured person now, isn’t?
What’s your age, I’m 40 years old
A complete family package now.
Your age??? I’m 50 years old
Grand children and their grand children
What’s your age, I’m 60 years old
Moving to next phase of life
What’s your age, I’m 70 years old
Now its second childhood period
Like on it will go on else
Like on it will pause

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Happy Pappaji’s Day

Happy Father’s Day Pappaji…
Feeling grateful & blessed🙏🏻
A man behind me who always motivates me, gives me an optimistic attitude to each and everything,who supports my dreams, knew me before I utters, I still remembering the childhood days who holded my arms tightly and helps me to walk through the unknown paths…
But still I don’t feel that a father’s day is necessary, because for me everyday is my father’s day since you are one of my blessing Pappaji…Chintupappa💜I was unaware of this day, found from my friend’s status only..

Mom ,I also likes to thank you who always behind us for each and everything…👨‍👩‍👧
Then comes Pravi _my husband_ now a son for my parents and a lover of my soul😍👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💞

I’m experiencing new love on each day💜💜♥️

With LoVe
- Athira praveen

Scarlet Cord of Rahab

A scarlet cord of Rahab
Its a rope of salvation
She hid the Israel'spies
In result her scarlet cord
Washed away all her sins
She knew the strong Jericho will fall soon,
Everything will fall one day or another,
No walls, nothing more powerful
Infront of the Supreme God.
The promises of Him will never fails,
Her faith and obedience to His Word,
Rescued Rahab and her family from destructions.

Her name found in the genealogy of Jesus Christ.
Like those, the faith of His children
Will found space in book of life.