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It was one of my favorite /my all time favorite one TWEETY…. Infact, its something an animated image to entertain children only…Now the Tweety have a significant role in my life…I started to call my dear companion Tweety, actually I don’t know how I started to call since its comes automatically..{ I think the person don’t like that name.. 🙂 }

We used to call our dear ones with various pet names / nick names..Its always comes out of love.It shows how much he/ she is important in life or else we won’t use those short forms for them.The calling of names is actually shows the distance /attachment of a person to another.

Tweet …Tweet …Tweety !!!

Watch your ways!!!

A Man without sins has already taken our sins upon His shoulders and accepted us as His daughters and sons.There starts a new relationship- A bonding of a Father to His Children and we all join together and comes under a Holy family.

After that we have to be more concious about the life since its not like older.He gave us a new birth to lead a holy life so we must stay far away from sinful things.Definitely others will tries to drag us into older things, ( impure,unholy and evil things)it happens knownly or unknownly but we must be more careful on the ways.

Try to lead a life without sins!


Be on your foot
Stand firm in your faith
Watch your ways
Stay away from evil
Hold to what is good

Love and Responsibility

The face of love will change when we take it as a responsibility.The word ”responsibility” is strong among people than Love.Human beings consider themselves as a greatest responsibilities and they do everything on the basis of their duties and responsibilities…

Adding the Holy Word :

Luke 10:27 -Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'”

The greatest love story that I ever heard in my life – Life of Jesus Christ.

One who kept the Love of Jesus in their heart will never take their life as a responsibility.

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May the Love of Jesus be with You!!!

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