I don’t know what i could say about my situation..Lots of emotions at a time.My words are not understandable to this world.Trying to overcome the situations and the situations will be overcomed or solved for that time only and later it continues…The solutions are temporary only..its for a short period of time.I’m seeking for a permanent solutions.Many questions are there in front of me and all those questions are remained as questions till now since I’m unable to find the answers or not getting the answers.I’m trying and trying..keep on trying for it..each time..but all the answers ends with pains only..

You are my only hope

I felt that all the questions will be answered at the appointed time of Him.It will happens on His right time, according to His decision.

I will keep on asking to you
I will keep on trying
Until or unless
I reach at you…

Watch your ways!!!

A Man without sins has already taken our sins upon His shoulders and accepted us as His daughters and sons.There starts a new relationship- A bonding of a Father to His Children and we all join together and comes under a Holy family.

After that we have to be more concious about the life since its not like older.He gave us a new birth to lead a holy life so we must stay far away from sinful things.Definitely others will tries to drag us into older things, ( impure,unholy and evil things)it happens knownly or unknownly but we must be more careful on the ways.

Try to lead a life without sins!


Be on your foot
Stand firm in your faith
Watch your ways
Stay away from evil
Hold to what is good

Flesh Vs Spirit

Flesh & Spirit – It always acts opposite to each other : FLESH VS SPIRIT.
Flesh makes you weaker, that any evil activities can takes place easily there, but If you “Walk by the Spirit”, you will receive enormous love that filled with joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness ( Galatians 5 )

All passions of the flesh moves to self destruction and those will not inherit the kingdom of God. Those who walk by flesh will set their mind on flesh and earthly desires and in the case of God’s children, they will find the Spirit of life and their mind sets on the things of the Spirit.

He never allowed me to get closer to the flesh. Flesh makes you sinner,it drags you only to sinful life.But your faith in Christ Jesus helps you to lives in Spirit and it will gives you all the fruits of Spirit that leads to meaningful life even in harder circumstances.

My paths are becoming harder and harder, and my flesh gets tempted badly but the Spirit holded me strongly and I denied the flesh.There is a possibility to lose your Spirit in between your journey,it happens when your faith comes down.Day by day, you can see the variations in your faith either decrease or increase. Keep up the spirit and the faith is the foundation of life.Ask and seek help to Him so that more doors are opened to Him so that you will get to know more about Him.

The Blood of the Lamb

The colour ‘Red’ is one of my favorite.Before I had a love towards that color don’t have any specific reason but loved it, But after I reached at Him, I started to adore and praise the color.Its all because of Him,the red colour always reminds me the power of salvation, the greatness of love,the forgiveness of sins and all in One Word – Jesus

An Empty Tomb

An empty grave is there to prove my Savior lives😊

My Savior lives

Seated at the right hand of God

King of Majesty

You taught me Love

In the Cross➕

Your”Arms Stretched Wide Opened”

To Embrace me with Love♥

Jesus Christ, the King of Kings

Lives Forever!

Good News!

The word Gospel literally means “Good News.”Before I was unaware of the term “Gospel” and I asked to my dearest what it was..what it meant!!!!But at that time, you was not completely known for me.Later, after the acceptance,your Word revealed into me.

1 Corinthians 2:6-16

The Gospel brought me an everlasting Joy in Christ Jesus.There is no discrimination for Him.Even in my distractions,I found peace with Him.At the same time,I’m glad to share it with others too.

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“Christ Welcomes You”

If we closely listen to His voice, we can hear His reminders too.Sometimes He will give us some reminders for some precuation or it might be for our guidance.

For past few days after I read His word and when I get into the blog and read some writings..The writings are exactly similar to what I read before in my Bible.Its a reminder from His side.Like this reminders continues…

For that we need to listen His word carefully and obey His instructions

Trust Him completely!!!

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Sharing a Testimony

On this Blessed Sunday,My Lord insisted me to share a testimony about a hindu girl who turned into Jesus Christ and accepted Him as her Personal Lord and Savior.

She was born into a hindu family and followed all traditions and customs taught by her elders without knowing the truth.Her life transformed when she turned into Jesus Christ and the Living Word gave her a new life.It happened completely( the day the Holy Spirit came to her and she accepted Jesus love into her heart) when she started reading her Bible..she was not properly guided or taught by anyone,so she prayed to Him .And His Spirit gave wisdom to her.She started to meditate the word day and night and the Word became her living bread.Slowly Jesus started to reveal himself to her.

She is the first one in her family who accepted Jesus as the Lord.

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The major challenge she faced was from the people itself.Her family, friends,fellow beings everyone was against her faith.They gave lots of mental agonies and stress to her.Not even the parents supported her since they are so much worried about her future- especially when it comes to her marriage ( that’s the only one concern of her parents because of that reason they are not supporting her)They conveyed to her that ‘no Christian will accept you.

However its her decision and choosen life.Whatever might be His decision, she is ready to face since she relied only on Him.

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Still now she is passing through lots of painful situations and stresses.Most of the time she doesn’t knew how to handle the situations but the Lord works on that time and gave her more patience to handle it properly(She really needs a church and the fellowship with believers)

Her heart became heavy on Sundays since its her greatest sorrow that she don’t have any church to attend the sunday sevices.Right now her room is her church.Her prayer is the conversation with Christ.(She used to listen the sermons of Billy Graham,Reinhard Bonnke and so on..its made her happy.She sungs along with the youtube worship songs)

Whatever might be the situations,the Living Gođ is her greatest comforter and true lover of the soul.He made her relaxed and always reminds that there is a time for everything and its all works for your goodness.He is watching over you and not blind to your tears.

Jesus knews everything-Trust Him completely and don’t need to be worried of anything+

Matthew 6:33 -seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

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