Free verse 30 – Rickshawala

I met an old rickshawala,
A commute for the middle class
He talks openly to everyone
Trips start in the early morning
Passengers are guests for him
He treats everyone with respect
He is not getting paid from some
Taking advantage of him is usual
With knowing everything, he helps others
He is the only family livelihood
Despite all, he works harder and harder
Daily wages, fills his children stomach
Daily wages, for his wife treatment
His goodness will be noted from above.

©️Athira 2021 | All Rights Reserved


Those who waits for the inheritance
Those who give their inheritance

From where comes,goes to there. A Mighty hands sends us to this world and one day will goes back to the same hands.In between the short time, the deeds are recorded and captured clearly. All that inherited except the love and relationships will lose one day. No property, no money, class, titles, status will be counted and lose.What inherited in terms of monetary will be perished. Nothing can bring and nothing can take back.