Favorite Sweets..Snacks

Sharing some of my favorite sweetz. I would like to know your favorites also!

  1. Orange & Lemon Candy

2) Fruit Jelly

3) Peanut Jaggery Bar

4) Honey Candy

5) Cotton Candy

6) Tube Ice / Sip Up


8) Chocobar

9) Sweet sev

10) Murukku

11) Neyyappam

12) Jackfruit Chips


14) Halwa

15) Rava Kesari

16) Unnakkai

17)Banana Fritters

18) Onion Vada

19) Medu Vada

20 )Dal Vada

21) Chilli Bajji

22) Aloo Bonda

May I know your favorite food items / sweets ?

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Evlin #1

Based on a real life experience..I’m still able to listen her words.


Evlin is alone now, complete loneliness.Her husband filled the wardrobe with clothes, gifts and everything with wanted and unwanted things. He tries to make her happy, he felts all those will brings smile to his wife’s face.Everything in that house seems unfamiliar to her. Even the way her husband asks permission to their parents, if she wants to go to her house.They used to sleep at late night and Evlin needs to wake up morning. If she slept at 4 am also she needs to wake up before 7 am morning.Evlin is not good at cooking actually she don’t know ABCD in cooking.But she tried her maximum to pick up everything, watched some youtube videos on cooking and started some cooking experiments.She accompanied her husband for cooking but the family considered the cooking only for girls. They added ” A girl is zero without a cooking knowledge, whatever she achieved in her life is nothing compared to cooking”.

Real life story continues….

-©️Athira Praveen