Scenario 37

What is the use of visiting holy places, if people finds happiness in others’ tears.
Is the world in hands of evil?
God is something beyond idols, beyond religion, beyond caste, an invisible presence, moreover inside us, through deeds.

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Work out of passion plus determination

Choice of profession gives a career growth

Love the work you do, rest follows eventually

A clear cut intention for actions and deeds

Give the best today for better tomorrow

Start inputting maximum for the best outlook

Work hard unceasingly and earn honestly

Personal contentment is the success mantra

No limits, no impossibilities, attitude matters

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Putting Virtue into Practice

Yesterday I had a conversation with my colleague, its a common talk we used to have…We shared some common incidents related with trust,compassion love,honesty,courteous…It lacks today.Its easy to talk but its really difficult to implement the virtues into practice.”The WORD is LIFE”-Its a stairway to heaven,you can find the virtue inside the WORD.

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