A Gap

After a gap, I’m again here.Why I’m having a gap from this wonderful world of writings, I DON’T KNOW.I never wanted it to be, but the circumstances……Each break teaching new lessons, life is filled with new new adventurous, what is awaiting for me now, no idea. Is it based on past, present or future.I missed most of your writings, hopefully will read all slowly. From where do I start and where is the beginning and where is it stops !!! Am’I travelling to find a safer destination or simply driving a car without a break .

-Athira Praveen


Be straight forward
Make me away from crooked paths

The google maps found to be easy for the routes.Even I knew many got deviated from their destination with maps, so my conclusion is its not very easy to choose the way.The uprightness of a moralist guides to straight path and the treacherous person leads to crookedness.